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    Robin Hood – the musical!
    Put simply, this was the objective that two friends, both of them musicians, fans of West-End and Broadway musicals, choral music and history, set themselves. Little by little, the simple idea started by two people in 2005 had, by 2010, become a complex project involving an extended family of around a hundred.
    Locksley is a show of two hours duration which brings together on stage 30 amateur singers and performers, as well as ten dancers, accompanied by the Marly Symphony orchestra, itself comprising around 40 experienced musicians.

    The objective is to present the show starting in June 2012 at ten locations (minimum!), in Lorraine (France), in Luxembourg and further afield. The world premier took place at the ‘Opéra-Théâtre’ in Metz on 26 June 2012 and was met with critical acclaim.

    The play, presented in the style of an opera, presents a new interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood, a story told countless times, and known throughout the world. Through books, poems, cinema, cartoons and television, the stories have been told to generations. However this is the first time that, to our knowledge, the story has been interpreted in France, and certainly in the format of a stage musical.

    The story was chosen for a number of reasons :
    - the popularity of the legend, well known to the general public
    - the complexity of the epic story whose sub-plots include a heroic nobleman defending the cause of an oppressed population, of love, of conflict between two peoples (the Normans and the Saxons), and the sometimes questionable support of the clergy
    - the rich historical context of this medieval setting, at the time of the religious crusades, featuring well known historical characters such as Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine

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